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Why do only the rich & famous live their dreams? It is a fact that the 3% who write down their dreams rise to the top. Author Your Reality combines the Law of Attraction with the Power of the Pen. Publish your own vision book to become author of your dreams…literally!

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Introductory Mini-Course: Day 1: 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits (for free)

Day 1: How Spacious is Your Comfort Zone?

Welcome to Day 3 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits. This is the prerequisite course for the Dreams to Reality training curriculum. To order the complete 30-day mini-course (free) click on the button.

30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought HabittsThis going to be SO FUN! Baby Steps are so incredible because they and they really work! In the Dreams to Reality Workbook, there are 10 Big Action Steps we teach to achieve your dreams on purpose, and that first action step is “Launch Your Courage.”

But this series is really simple. We teach mini thought-steps, so we are just going to talk a little about courage in this first thought-step. Courage is not the lack of fear but it is pushing through fear. Some of you will be so ready to feel the fear and do it anyway! Others will want to go more slowly. Just know it is normal to have fear when stepping out of your comfort zone. But we aren’t going to step out of our comfort zone; we’re going to do something else. Read on and you’ll see.

For this first step we want you to meditate, concentrate, or just simply take one minute out to feel the fear of leaving of your present comfort zone. Close your eyes. Feel your comfort zone. Feel how warm and fuzzy and cozy you feel in that comfort zone space. Now feel your comfort zone being stretched. Now feel the fear of loss of your comfort zone. Feel your bigger, more spacious comfort zone. And now feel the feeling of your dreams came to true. Then think about trading expanding your cozy comfort zone for and expanded one that will fit that dream. Think about that dream come true being one and fitting inside your newer bigger comfort zone. So feel that fear of letting go of the old comfort zone…and let is pass through you like a cloud passing overhead. Now feel and enjoy your new expanded comfort zone!

By allowing yourself to feel this fear, without resisting it, hiding or stuffing it…you’ll already have taken the first action step of How to attract your dreams to reality in 31 Daily thought-steps and to change your life for the better.

[To go deeper into learning the life skill of attracting your dreams to reality, you may buy and work through any of the Author Your Dreams self-help workbooks in our bookstore at www.dreamstorealityseries.com. Or you may sign up for the Dreams to Reality Independent Study; or take a private course from the author Deborah S. Nelson. If money is short right now, sign up for the Free Digital Version of the Author Your Dreams textbook to get started anyway. You can buy the workbook later on.] 

Now before you get distracted or get back into your normal daily activities, just take one minute out, to sit with the feelings of anxiety, and fears when you think of moving out of your comfort zone into the zone. Just sit with it for about 1 minute. Now you are ready for Day 2. To get the rest of this series sent to you daily return to the dreams blog tomorrow for Day 2, or click below to get it conveniently sent to your mailbox each day.
30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habitts


Based on the dream board concept, The Dreams to Reality Series guides you step by step, to use the Power of the Pen to write and manifest your goals. You publish a 20-40 page Dream Plan Book. Imagine yourself, a published author of your personal goals, career goals, business goals, and spiritual goals. Realize a quantum step in self improvement through the power of your pen with self publishing! The process of becoming a published author will drive you to identify and achieve your most important personal goals and to finally live your dreams. No longer is the ability to become a published author reserved for the elite few. Publish that book you’ve always dreamed of writing. You can do it too!


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