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Those of us who study self-improvement have undoubtedly heard of the Law of Attraction. Recently made popular by “The Secret,” a well-branded independent documentary, it hit local movie theatres in 2006.

Is the Law of Attraction real, or just one more sound-good-feel-look-good piece of motivational fluff? I’ll answer that shortly, but before I do, I will share a key that will help you “make hay” in bringing your dreams to reality. Ever thought negatively about positive thinking? It’s embarrassing. If you say something negative about positive thinking, then you certainly aren’t very positive…are you? (No wonder your life’s not so hot, right?)

Positive thinking is more productive than negative thinking, but TRUTHFUL thinking is trumps both. I was listening to a tape by Tony Robbins’ when he humorously explained that so-called positive thinking isn’t enough to change your life or your reality. Someone was speaking to the weeds in a garden while proclaiming, “There are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds…” with an expectation for the weeds to magically disappear. It was funny! But what is the real truth of that garden?

1. The weeds exist, as the object of denial.

2. The weeds are not wanted.

3. Perhaps it’s best to just pull up the weeds. 

Truthful Thinking

Truthful thinking might ask, what are these weeds anyway? Could they be cultivated and harvested?  Dandelions, treated as weeds in lawns, can be harvested and sold as herbs. Truthful thinking would likely say… “Accept the weeds. Love the weeds; they are here for a purpose. Thank the weeds! Truly be thankful for the garden that grows the weeds.” Allow your mind to discover the truth and the message of the weeds in your life.

The Real Secret

Here are my conclusions about The Law of Attraction. Yes it is real! But there’s a more powerful way to manifest your dreams to reality. Like the difference between positive thinking, negative thinking, and the truth, The Law of Attraction is only the beginning.

Two More LOA’s

There are two more LOA’s! The second LOA is the Law of Action! You begin by visualizing and feeling what you want to manifest. That is the first Law, The Law of Attraction. But it doesn’t just end there. There are two more LOA’s. The Second is the Law of Action states that you must take action, any action, based on faith to become the author of your dreams. The First Law of Attraction sounds great and feels magical, and yes…there’s a positive thread of truth to it! But it’s time to move from the initial excitement of the Law of Attraction to discover the power of the second LOA- The Law of Action and followed by the third law–the Law of Activation! (written by Deborah S. Nelson, Dreams to Reality Series)

The Law of Activation

The Law of Activation kicks in once you take action. Your dream starts entering the universe in bits and pieces is born into physical reality. The Law of Activation receives your dream into reality. To activate the dream, we open our arms with thankfulness. The Law of Activation brings about the living reality of what was begun with The Law of Attraction. This is the “end that we had in mind,” where you now live your dreams! Yes, The Law Attraction is very real, but don’t forget the next two Laws, They are The Law of Action and The Law of Activation! These are crucial if you want to be the author of your dreams.


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