Mini-Course: Day 9 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits - Author YOUR REALITY!

Mini-Course: Day 9 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

Day 9: You are What You…Believe?

Welcome to Day 8 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits. This is the prerequisite course for the Dreams to Reality Training Process. To order this entire series (free) click on the button below:

30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought HabitsAlthough these steps are fairly simple, unfortunately most of us were not taught these simple steps. We were taught how to read, and how to do math, but rarely has anyone taught us the life skill of how to bring our dreams to reality. Rarely has anyone taught us the skill of identifying what our dreams may or may not be. Today on Day 8 we are going to trade in one belief system that we have identified yesterday that is not enhancing our dreaming process for one that does.

Now we are only advocating that you do this in your practice of thought-steps. We are teaching you one day at a time how to turn your thought processes into a dream machine! So today we would like for your to think of a new belief that could replace the one belief that you identified yesterday as a belief that is impeding you seeing your dreams come true. It might be a belief that is saying that you don’t deserve to have your dreams come true, or that you are not good enough to be successful, or that you are never going to amount to anything. We want you to imagine in your thoughts that you are going to replace that belief with a more truthful, more life giving belief.

Think of a new belief and in your mind replace that belief every time the old belief pops up. Sometimes I ring a bell or a buzzer in my head, when I hear or feel or sense that an old belief is kicking in. Then I am able to substitute it with a happier, more effective, more loving, or productive belief. All I have to do is spend a few moments restated the belief to my subconscious, and after 30 days, usually a new habit is formed and we do not even have to think about it!

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If you are having trouble thinking of a new belief to replace the old belief with, think of something that is the opposite of that belief, it usually works well! Or you can substitute an unproductive belief with a thankfulness belief. These beliefs and thoughts are hanging around all the time, most of the time we don’t ever realize they are running in the background and how much they affect our choices, actions, and life outcomes.

Today’s New Thought Habit:
Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life.

To Your Dreams,
Deborah S. Nelson, Author,
Dreams to Reality Series

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