Let’s Get Real.

How many motivational programs have dropped their followers back into “real life” on Monday morning feeling a bit more motivated, but in reality…LOST?

Have you ever purchased motivational products that are mostly hype and pretty worthless? Yet you still feel that hidden treasure can be found in self-development concepts, and you are right.

Now there’s a uniquely powerful new program; and it’s no secret! Author of 10 self-help books, Deborah S. Nelson introduces a transformational curriculum in the spring of 2012, that will take anyone from ‘lost” to getting real, to creating their own reality.

It is a well-known fact that the 3% most successful people in the world have previously written down their dreams and goals. The Dreams to Reality Series wields the power of the pen (as a self-customized nuerolinguistic process), in combination with the law of attraction, in a step-by-step journey to create a self-published vision board book.

Using the power of the pen to publish their action plan, readers, clients, and students experience astonishing life changes and results. With the Dreams to Reality 10-step process, clients and students enjoy a real boost in credibility and confidence, as well as a (self-published) plan that maps out well-defined goals and lifelong dreams. Using the self-publishing process, and self-modeling approach to authentic growth taught, the Author Your Reality Series has raised the bar for the venue of self-development!

Here’s what some students/readers of this self-improvement curriculum are saying:

“Great tool for establishing dreams suitable for junior high students through college and adult seekers. Positive affirmations and simple step by step activities make this a must have tool for those ready to plan for future, write a practical life plan, or even write a book!”

                                            Dr. Deborah De Vries, School Trustee and College Instructor

 “This is a serious “self-help” formula that I believe could actually make a reader’s dreams come true, IF they seriously followed the instructions of the author. In my opinion, this book often reads like “The Power of Now” or “A Course in Miracles” — which one should consider as a “good thing.” After all, “The Power of Now” and “A Course in Miracles” did positively transform thousands of lives!

                                                                      Amelia A. Painter, Author (Fostoria, IA USA)

“Dreams to Reality, when used with the Workbook, truly help the reader determine their dreams (goals), and list them–which is very important. Then you pick one and ride it to fruition in a wonderful manner. I was pleasantly surprised, since I don’t think of myself as dreamer.”

Larry Melby (Left Bank, California)

 “My dream was to be an author. I have 5 books in the making that I’ve never completed. Through this course I finally finished and published my very first book! What a dream come true. I now have many of the skills, the courage and the inspiration to continue onward and upward!”

                                                                                   Cindy M. White (Santa Barbara, CA)

“For a lot of us, it’s not that we don’t have dreams. Life gets busy and all we get to do is what needs to be done. This book is a call to action to get started with bringing your dreams to reality. Dreams to Reality helps you define your dream and get you started with actually making the steps to fulfill that dream. Want to get started working on your dream? Get this book!”

                                                                                                     Peter Kahuria (OK, USA)

 “The author distills and simplifies centuries of wisdom in this little easy to read guidebook for setting & accomplishing life goals. Well worth owning a copy. You’ll likely keep it as a long-term guidebook to your universe.”

                                                                                                        Carol Stall (Austin, TX)

 “Deborah Nelson, author of Dreams to Reality – Author Your Dreams ACTION PLAN, is passionate about allowing you to follow your own dreams – not hers. You are NOT told what to dream, or what to expect, but to live your own dream, whatever it may be. But, be ready to conquer the fear of failure, as that word is not in Ms. Nelson’s vocabulary. She will help you to look at all facets of your life, find your dream, separate the truth from fantasy and inspire you to take action to make your own dream come true. Don’t buy the book – invest in yourself by investing in this book that will turn your Dreams to Reality. I did!”

                                                                              Bill Hood Books, Bill Hood (Austin, TX)

How often have you wished for a real result leading to real happiness? The Dreams to Reality Action Plan is a three-part curriculum teaching how to become author of your dreams in six weeks!

PART ONE: Introduction to Dream Planning

PART TWO: Dream Planning Workbook leads the reader 10 Dreams to Reality Steps.

PART THREE: Dream Plan Book: Your PUBLISHED vision board book or dream book!

Author Your Reality introduces 4 tested workbooks in March of 2012. Those workbooks are Author Your Dreams Action Plan Workbook, Author Your Career Action Plan Workbook; Author your Book Action Plan Workbook, and Author Your Relationship Action Plan Workbooks. The workbooks address specific areas of focus and are geared to introduce specific goals and dreams into reality.

Experience self-inspiration and self-transformation with through self-publishing! Dreams to Reality is an investment in building inner authentic credibility and confidence. For your business and personal life, there’s no sales, success, or life training more fun and powerful in the genre of self-development right now!

How much is a “dream come true” worth? It’s PRICELESS! Buy the Books Now


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