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Author Your Book Now!

So you think you can write! The Author Your Book Action Plan Curriculum is especially for you.

You have always wanted to write a book but never had the time, resources, or know-how to actually pull it off.

That is where Dreams to Reality comes in! If your dream is to finally write that book, the Author Your Book Action Plan Curriculum will help you do just that. It includes the Text Book,  Dreams to Reality, Part One: Introduction to Dream Planning, and The Playbook, Part Two: Author Your Book Action Plan

Modeled after the Dreams to Reality Curriculum, you will complete this course with one published 7″ x  7″ hardbound full color 40-page book of poetry, prose, photography, children’s book, or a comprehesive professional book proposal  authored by you.  QUILLPENThend

Should you then decide to distribute, market, and make your book available to the public, you may continue by with the next course in the Dreams to Reality Project, entitled  “Publish Your Book!”


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