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Need Immediate Income, New Clients, Successful Students, Excited Downline, Dynamic Fund Raising?

Host a “Do Your Dreams Now!” Event

If you could impart the abundance mindset in a whole new way to students, players, clients, downline, or flock, AND make or raise Double Digit Thousands of Dollars in 30 days, would you do it?

Presenting Author Deborah S. Nelson Teaching the “Do Your Dreams Now!” from her Dreams to Reality Curriculum

Give the Gift of Creating Abundance!

To get started now, to get on Ms. Nelson’s Schedule, apply now at [email protected]

If you are a Certified Coach, Counselor, Paster, MLM Leader, Teacher, or Internet Marketing Affiliate, apply now to host Dreams to Reality Author Deborah S Nelson’s Do Your Dreams Now Course for a generous piece of the action! You provide Classroom/Wireless Internet for 2.5 hours twice a week for 6 weeks. Make thousands of dollars right now!

Here’s How…

1. Market course to a minimum of 20 clients/students. Class meets 2.5 hours per week twice a week for 6 weeks. One make-up class and one Q & A classes are included.

2. Receive 50% percentage of tuition fees paid. Tuition is $597 in 2 payments on debit or credit card and $497 if pre-paid on credit card. One Scholarship available. Minimum 20 students.

Become A Hero!

Students/clients walk away with a published book! See DTR Library

See Testimonies of those who have graduated from this course!

Author Your Dreams provides:
· Publishing costs for each dream plan book,
· Registration forms,

· Credit card processing, and
· Travel expenses in getting to your location.
· Marketing Materials, 1 tuition scholarship for every 20 students registered.
· Curriculum (text book, workbook, gift card for dream plan book)

Host provides:
· Classroom & wireless Internet.
· One volunteer assistant, and classroom materials.
· Pre-Registered Pre-Paid Do Your Dreams Now Attendees
· Help facilitate course, Ms.Nelson teaches from Domincan Republic Via Webinar

Author Your Dreams-minimum 20 students (no pre-requisite)
Author Your Career-minimum 20 students (no pre-requisite)
Author Your Book-minimum 20 students (AYD pre-requisite)

Sponsored by the University of Self Employment
& Author Your Dreams.

To get on Ms. Nelson’s 2010-2011  schedule, e-mail [email protected]

Phone: 310 272 9001


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