Congratulations for taking the first step of a journey to master a priceless life skill–the dreams to reality process.


  1. Digital version of the Dreams to Reality Texbook: Part One~Introduction to Dream Planning. Downloadable PDF 
  2. Fill-able digital version of Author Your Dreams Action Plan Workbook (the Playbook): Part2~ Your Dream Planning Workbook. Downloadable PDF
  3.  15 E-Lessons in 6 sessions to be received via weekly e-mails 
  4. Your 6 month membership to the Q & A Online Forum. Access to teachers, students, and graduates of the DTR Project.
  5. 1 year membership in dreamsbook social membership site for dream implementors, along with other rights and priveleges of the DTR Membership site. (more on that later). Use this as your source of encouragement, support, accountablity and inspiration from others on the DTR journey.

NOTE:  Take a second to whiteliest [email protected] –it doesn’t belong in your junk mail! Your Independent Study Materials will be sent from there. Look in your Email box for your very first introductory E-Lesson. There are 2 lessons per (weekly session); one is the material and the other is the lab. You may take this on a 12 week duration if you have time for only one lesson per week or a 6-week cycle if you have time for 2 lessons per week. This independent study is half the cost of taking the course in person with a certified Dreams  to Reality Coach or the Author Deborah S. Nelson also gives one-on-one coaching sessions which is a much higher price. Therefore, this course gives a great value, and allows you the flexiblitly of taking the course anywhere online.

COURSE CREDIT: Because this independent study may be taken for credit, at the end of each session we ask you to certify that you have completed the materials before we send out the next session. The course is also carefully paced for you to fully experience the transformational process involved in the formulating, writing and publishing of your dream plan book.  At the 4th session, some of you who are working ahead may be ready to publish your dream plan book. When you certify that you have completed the work in the 4th session, with your 5th session you will receive your promocode that will allow you to publish your dream plan book. This promocode allows for rgular ground shipping, and if you would like to receive your published dream plan book more quickly you may pay extra for overnight or priority shipping.

DTR NETWORK: A very beneficial part of this course is connecting with a network of other dream doers. Create your profile on the dreamsbook section of our site, as well as the Q & A Online Forum in case you may have unique questions that have not been covered in the material! These services are included in your Independent Study Kit so that you may have the benefit of the Dreams to Reality  Community of dream implementors.


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