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Do Your Dreams Now! Course: This dream building 6-week course meets 2 hours one evening per week, and 2-hour lab on Saturday morning. Includes Dreams to Reality Text, DTR workbook, cost of publishing 7” x 7” 40-page hardbound color dream plan book. Tuition: $397, $347 pre-registration. (discounted tuition to be paid prior to class start).  The next “Do Your Dreams Now!” course taught live by Author Deborah S. Nelson, will be held in Santa Barbara, CA starting on August. 24, 2010. 

 Author Your Book or Career Course:  This 6-wk course meets 2 evening hours per week, with 2-hr lab on Sat mornings. Includes hard copy of DTR text, workbook, and cost of publishing 7” x 7” 40-page poetry, photo, or complete published book proposal. Takes place in classroom with Deborah S. Nelson teaching, Patty DeDominic assisting. Tuition: $397, $347 pre-registration. (discounted tuition to be paid prior).  The next “Author Your Book Course” taught by Author Deborah S. Nelson starts  in Santa Barbara, CA  on Aug. 26, 2010.   

Author Your Book WorkbookPublish Your Book Course: O.K . Now that you have written your book and created a book proposal what about getting it into print? Where? What are the best publishing options to get that book proposal or word document published for sale online and in book stores? Book cover, testimonies, reviews? This is 6-week course meets 2 evening hrs per week, with 2-hr labs on Sat mornings. Includes DTR hardcopy text, workbook, and takes you through the entire publishing process. Takes place in classroom with Deborah S. Nelson teaching. Tuition: $397, $347 pre-registration. (to be paid prior to class start). Your published book will be on Online by end of class. 

Online with Author: This 6-week course meets 2 evening hrs per week, with 2-hr lab on Sat mornings. Includes Digital Text, Digital Workbook, cost of publishing 7″ x 7″ 40-page hardbound poetry, photo, or complete book proposal book. Takes place online  using webcam. Tuition: $297, $247 pre-registration. (shall be paid prior to class start). 

Teleconferencing Q & A Book Lab Calls:
$25 per call (when in session)

  NEW! INDEPENDENT STUDY Course: Just Introduced! Take this transformation course in the comfort of your home. Includes Digital Version of  Dreams to Reality Text, Author Your Dream Workbook, 6 months membership to Q & A Online with Author Deborah S. Nelson, PLUS 1 year access to DTR dreamsbook network.  Stay in touch with those who have published/are publishing a dream plan book! Get ongoing support for your dreams through the DTR worldwide network. Added up separately, total is $397. Introductory Tuition: $197   

Personal Coaching for One:  This package includes personal coaching by Author Deborah S. Nelson. It covers Author Your Book or Dream or Career Curriculum and beyond for the entire 6-week session, to include a 2-hour coaching session and 2-hour lab session per week for 6 weeks (in person) or via Intenet with webcam technology. One make-up session included in tuition package. Incudes hard copy of the text, workbook, membership site, teleconference lab sessions (when in session) and cost of publishing one hardbound full color 7 x 7” 40 page book. Tuition: $1997.        

Personal Coaching for Two: Same as above for two clients at the same time, includes one make up class per client. Tuition: $1497 each.       

Tuition is payable by personal check, PayPal, or any major credit or debit card. If you recruit 5 class members to a class, you may take that class for free. and [email protected] 



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