Mini-Course: Day 4 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits - Author YOUR REALITY!

Mini-Course: Day 4 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

DAY 4: Do Your Drive Your Desires?

Welcome to Day 4 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits. This is the prerequisite course for the Dreams to Reality Complete Curriculum. To order the complete 30-day course (free), click on the button. 

30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

Mini-Course 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

Do Your Desires Drive YOU or do YOU Drive Your Desires?

Ever just feel like you don’t have the oomph to do what it takes? I have. And usually it’s because I am using my oomph to do what it takes for stuff other than my dreams. We are conditioned by those who can afford to buy advertising that we need to trade our dreams for instant gratifications.

So I ask you, do your desires drive you or do you drive your desires?

The purpose of this thought-step is to identify just one desire that is a desire that you are fulfilling for someone else instead of yourself.  The desires to smoke cigarettes or use up gobs of time watching TV are fulfilling other people’s dreams.

I smoked when I was younger. so I use smoking as an example. When you buy that pack of cigarettes or watch that TV for hours on end, instead of using that money (how much a year do people spend on cigarettes anyway?) to start a home based business, or that TV consumption time write your dreams book, or to travel…these desires for instant gratification are competing with our true desires for our true dreams.

We aren’t tying to change any behavior with these thought-steps. This series is designed to create new thinking habits, and we are not suggesting therapy or any behavior modification. So when we bring these things up, its only to increase awareness–an awareness that will help us move into more productive and truthful thought patterns. This is a very simple mini-course, the goal is to teach you to take thought-steps and in 30 days to change the way you think to a more productive and truthful way of thinking.

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What can happen if we choose to fullfill desires for instant gratification, over time our resources can diminish, which can keep us from investing our resources, money, time, energy in our true desires.

So in this step we ask you to identify just one desire that is driving you in a direction away from your dreams. Just identify, don’t try to change it, don’t judge it, and just notice it!

  Todays New Thought Habit:
dentify Your True Desires

 We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 5!

To Your New Reality,

Deborah S. Nelson, Author
Dreams To Reality Series

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