Do Your Dreams Now! What if... - Author YOUR REALITY!

Do Your Dreams Now! What if…

What if…you woke up one morning and found that money is no longer an issue?

What if…you woke up and found out that bringing dreams to reality is learned life skill? 

Are your going through a transition, and want to make the best of it?

Do you want excitement, enthusiasm, passion and purpose back in your life?

If you could learn how to identify your dreams, and bring them to reality, would that make a difference in your quality of life?

If you could identify your true talent, gifts, abilities, passion and purpose, and implement a plan to bring those to reality, would that make a difference in your quality of life?

If you knew what your true purpose was, and you were working towards it, would money be a problem?

Would there be a love shortage?

Would there be a shortage of friends?

Would happiness be a problem?

Would health be an issue?

If you could identify, and create a written strategy for making your dreams come true on purpose would love, friends, happiness, health or money be a problem?

Are you ready to be honest with yourself?

Do Your Dreams Now! Independent Study Course (REGISTER NOW)
can change your life now. Read what others say about the Do Your Dreams Now! Course.

“A wonderful process, Deborah lays the foundation and helped me think about my goals. Then she gently urged me on to a successful completion of my dream plan book. Deborah Nelson is a wonderful book writing coach and a generous mentor. She makes it easy! The Dreams to Reality (Do your Dreams Now!) course is a fabulous jump start for anyone willing to articulate their dreams!”

Patty DeDominic-Santa Barbara, CA

I had the joy of learning how to create my vision for Center of the Heart, a center for spiritual living in Santa Barbara, California. This course was about authoring my dream as the Senior minister of my own spiritual center–to create an actual book of my vision of success for the Center of the Heart. I loved the creative experience which has inspired me to create another book on forgiveness. This process is transformational emotionally and spiritually. Deborah and I co-facilitated a class at the Center and I am amazed at the books the participants created. It has opened the door for many of their dreams and some are already coming true. Thank you Deborah, for holding the high watch for each of us, as we moved through this incredible process. This course is needed for anyone who has given up on their dreams. This class will bring your dreams and you back to life. We are here to play big in the world. Now just do it. Blessings to you and may all your dreams come true.

Rev. Karen Morse, Center of the Heart, Santa Barbara CA

“I have wanted to write books for a very long time. Doing the process of Dreams to Reality gave me the starting point and confidence to know that I can write these books. I look forward with enthusiams to creating my next books. Thank you Deborah!”

JoAnn Mermis-Santa Barbara, CA

“This project was transformational. It was simple, but it dug deep. Dreams to Reality helped me to walk towards myself. I was able to clear away the impediments between me and my grief. It was like I lobbed a grenade into the center of myself, and it cleared the hardpack earth that was buried underneath. I was able to boldly meet my pain and free a part of myself that had been held hostage. I was able to express te joy and wonder that my relationship had held for me in the past. I was able to write about living and to chronicle my relationship with my husband, my home and my spiritual journey. I was able to say “goodbye” to Jason in a meaningful complete way. I loved this experience. And I owe it to Dreams to Reality for helping me become free.”

Angela Von Straussenburg-Santa Barbara, CA

“Great Concept, (Dreams to Reality), of bringing together affirmations, and images in a (published) form that others can see and help to support. The Dreams to Reality process accomplishes the following:

Step 1: Get you clear about your dreams and passions.
Step 2: Puts them into words.
Sept 3: Makes them real as possible with specifics and as many senses as possible.
Step 4: Let youself dream even bigger. Be bold.
Step 5: Publish your dream plan book.
Step 6: Share with people who will support your dreams
Step 7: Let go and enjoy the ride! “

Penelope Salinger-Santa Barbara, CA

“This course was an amazing labor of love. Dreams to Reality Workbook was a wonderful guide that gently takes you through the steps. I have always wanted to write a book and being guided through this process I was able to put my dream into words and my word into form. Seeing the cover of this book tooks my breath away. Seeing the finished product was definitely a labour of love. I felt whole and complete once I hit the “publish button.” The sense of completion was very fulfilling and the pleasure that I gained in sharing with others and putting myself “out there” was immeasurable. I am grateful for the patient teacher that guided me through this transformational process.”

John Fuecht-Santa Barbara, CA

Dreams to Realit y is unique because it is experiential. Many of the concepts are well known and proven, but the way Deborah presents it is is very creative and orginal. This project is well thought out and the information is presented in a coherent manner. The exercises in the Dreams to Reality Workbook were very helpful. I was surprised to see how I was growing and changing from week to week. The process is well defined and anyone willing to the work will succeed. Deborah was patient and I felt comforted, knowing that she was praying for me all the while. Thank you and my God Bless you a hundredfold for all that you have given to me.”

Audrey Addison Williams, Founder Healing Soul of America-Santa Barbara, CA

Do Your Dreams Now! Independent Study Course (REGISTER NOW)

The Best Investment Ever

THE best investment I ever made was in myself!

Is that selfish? You are darn right, it is!

It’s time to be selfish, invest in yourself to make yourself a better person!

How can you be a better person?

Identify your true purpose, passion, talents and gifts!

The 10 Dreams to Reality Steps walk you through the process to become very honest with yourself to identify your true desires, passions, talents, dreams and purpose!

Is that SELFISH?

Sometimes it feels selfish to invest time and money on ourselves, but that is a limiting belief system holding us back from true abundance.

The Do Your Dreams Now! Independent Study System teaches you how to:

1. Overcome your fear of being selfish! (priceless)
2. Overcome your fear of being yourself (even more priceless)
3. Identify your true desires, dreams, passions (priceless)
4. Discover, verbalize, write a bio of your uniqueness (priceless)
5. Define your concept of success and your path to get there!
6. Be a published Author of Your Dreams in 6 transformational weeks.

If you could do these things would you be happier?

In cultivating awareness of these things, would need to worry about money? How much would this be worth to you?

A transformational experience where you finish the course with a published vision board book? A Dream Plan book of where you are going and how you will get there?

Do Your Dreams Now! Independent Study Course (REGISTER NOW)

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