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Introduction To Dream Planning

Introduction To Dream Planning

Dream Planning Workbook

Dream Planning Workbook

The New Dreams to Reality ACTION PLAN Curriculum is an Incredibly Unique & Highly Effective Learning Experience

The Dreams to Reality ACTION PLAN is a three-part patent pending unique interactive curriculum. 

SUMMARY: Part One, the course book, gives an overview of the Dreams to Reality process. Dreamers learn the basic principles involved with writing their story to become the author of their dreams. Part Two (a workbook, called The Playbook) guides dreamers to build the Belief part of the course. The concepts learned in the course book, are interactively applied in The Playbook. Part Three is your published Dream Plan Book.

PART ONE:  The course book, Dreams to Reality: Introduction to Dream Planning has four parts–Conceive, Believe, Receive, and achieve, this book is the thought-stimulating conceptual part of the course.

PART TWO:  The Dreams to Reality Playbook: Your Dream Planning Workbook is divided into four parts, following the concepts in the course book: Conceive, Believe, Receive, Achieve. It will lead you to Part Three (below) by taking you through the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps, and introducing the book publishing software.

PART THREE:  The Dreams to Reality Dream Plan Book: Your book is the first manifestation of your dream into physical reality. By writing your dream plan book you become the author of your dreams. Look at it, read it, touch it, let it guide and inspire you.  Share with friends and family who will marvel at your work and hold you accountable for achieving its promise! 


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