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Independent Study Includes: 

People spend thousands for college. Tuition is just a few hundred dollars to learn the life-skill of attracting your dreams to reality! And it’s priceless. You get:

1. Digital version of Dreams to Reality Texbook: Part One~Introduction to Dream Planning. Downloadable PDF 

2. Fill-able digital version of Author Your Dreams Action Plan Workbook (the Playbook): Part2~ Your Dream Planning Workbook. Downloadable PDF

3. 15 E-Lessons in 6 sessions to be received via weekly e-mail

4. Your 6 month membership to the Q & A Online Forum. Access to teachers, students, and graduates of the DTR Project.

5. 1 year membership in dreamsbook social membership site for dream implementors, Use this as your source of encouragement, support, accountablity and inspiration from others on the DTR journey. Who knows who you will meet here!

6. YOUR PUBLISHED DREAM PLAN BOOK, Authored by YOU! Includes cost of printing, and ground shipping. And you think to yourself, “I am worth it…”

 TOTAL COST: $397 (Yikes!)

YOUR COST: $197 (doable) REGISTER NOW!

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