Ever been awakened by a flash of inspiration? One that sparks desire to change your life?

I have. In fact, it happened to me this morning. And I think I am a lot like you.

So you may or may not be interested.

Before I tell you about that inspiration, I must admit I am a self improvement junkie.


I have read hundreds of books on how to follow my dreams, live the dream.I have attended seminars, workshops, courses, and spent thousands of hours and dollars!

And I am probably a lot like you. Once I finish the book, the excitement dies down, and then life gets in the way!

And other people’s dreams get in the way.


I am not sure how I came to realize this “something” so simple, so profound, and so significant. (To get the scoop right now, sign up for a free “Dreams R 4 U 2 Report” below.)

But I really do not care.

Perhaps it was that burning desire deep inside, and I finally got that “follow yours dreams” stuff motivational speakers rave about.

But I really do not care.


Maybe it was the inspirational muse that chose me in a random “now” moment of the morning stillness.

But I really do not care.


Or it may have been due to a quest of truth, investment in success and self improvement training, and writing my goals and dreams that it finally soaked in. Or maybe I finally felt I had earned the right to follow my dreams.

But I really do not care,



It doesn’t matter to me anymore what they think of me.
and therefore,
It doesn’t matter what “they” think of me, or how “they” define me anymore, either, ever.

So what does this mean, exactly?
It means I can disconnect from “them” and really live the dream. And so can you.


It means I can FOLLOW MY DREAMS without looking over my shoulder to see how “they” are judging me, charging me extra, or otherwise somehow punishing me. It means you, too can FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.


It means I can FOLLOW MY DREAMS, without “them” infecting me with fear, belittling my dreams, taking my money, defining my limits, telling me when to be sick, when to vacation, when to party, and when to die. It means you, too can FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.


It means I can follow my dreams without “them” limiting my income, defining my state of health, wealth, and well-being. It means you too, can FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.


It means that “they” can no longer set the limits for us.


It means “they” can no longer keep us dependent on them for money, status, security.


It means, well, it means true inspirational self improvement, goal setting that works, and a whole lot more.




What does it mean for you? I means you need not sell “them” bits and pieces of “the real you” for “their approval” and “their money” and “their security” and their “status” anymore, ever again. Period. End.



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Or Not.

Because I really do not care.

Still think this is just a bunch of BS? No Problem. Just click on down the Information Highway…

Because I really do not care. (in a good way).

Deborah S. Nelson, Author, BS, SEE, Ms. Corporate America Finalist Dreams to Reality Curriculum Series Write, Publish & Live Your Dreams Fun Goal Setting that Works!

P.S. I really do not care if you think this is just about selling, because if you like what I got, you’re going to buy it anyway! And guess what?

I really do not care!

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