Intro Mini-Course: Day 6 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits - Author YOUR REALITY!

Intro Mini-Course: Day 6 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

DAY 6: Ready to Rev UP?

Welcome to Day 6 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits. This is the prerequisite course for the Dreams to Reality Training Process. To order this entire series (free) click on the button below:

30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

Mini-Course 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thought Habits

Yesterday day and the day before we identified two types of desires, instant gratification desires and yesterday our own pure desires. Today we will ask you to take the new thought-step of substitution.

Imagine you are going to a car dealership and you are trading in your older worn out car that is maybe leaking a little oil, has a little dent on the bumper, and perhaps the button on the radio isn’t working quite right. You are going to get a brand new car, with incredible gas mileage, beautiful gadgets, and that new car smell. You get in it drive it home, and wow, it just drives so easily and quietly, everything works effortlessly.

So that’s what you are going to do in today’s thought-step. You are going to exchange one run down instant gratification desires for a souped-up turbo desire. Remember this is an easy 31-day thought step process, where we are working on changing our thought patterns to be more conducive to attracting our dreams to reality. We don’t actually ask you to change your behavior, or make any life-changing decisions or drop any serious addictions.

[To truly master the life skill of attracting your dreams to reality, you may invest in any of the Dreams to Reality self-help curriculum through our bookstore. Or take the Dreams to Reality Independent Study; or schedule a private course with the author, Deborah S. Nelson. If money is short, get the Free Digital Version of the Dreams to Reality textbook to get started right now!]

This mini-course only asks you to learn a new habit of thinking. Each day we ask you to practice a new habit of thinking, and today we ask you to take one minute out to contemplate how it would feel, or look, or sound to you if you
took one instant gratification desire and replaced it with one new pure desire of your heart. Imagine how you would feel. Would have more pep in your step? How would it look? Would you be watching less TV at night and replacing it with writing that novel you always wanted to write? Exactly what would it look like to replace one instant gratification desire with one pure and true desire of your heart?

Today’s New Thought Habit
Trade Instant Gratifications for Your Heart’s Desire.

See you tomorrow on Day 8!

To Your New Reality,

Deborah S. Nelson, Author,
Dreams To Reality Series

P.S. Look Who’s Tallng: and what they say about Deborah S. Nelson and the DTR Curriculum

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