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Do your friends, co-workers, family, business partner, spouse, or even strangers who criticize, minimize, or otherwise try to deny your dreams? 

YOUR DREAMS are precious and can be fragile at certain points.  That’s why we started dreamsbook.  It’s modeled after facebook with the idea to build a community of dream doers who support and encourage one other’s dreams, goals, and visions. Join dreamsbook now.

Dreamsbook is a simplified version of facebook…for dream doers!

The “dreamsbook area” of the Author Your Dreams site is a safe haven and close-knit community where you may share, inspire, create, and grow your dreams with like-minded dream builders. Author Your Dreams is all about sharing and discovering old and new tricks, tips, tools to bring your dreams to reality.    

Our community is monitored by Dreams to Reality Grads who have already published their dream plan book and know the process. If you in the process becoming a dream builder, then you are about to join an incredibly powerful network of dream builders.  Join the dreamsbook community now.

Whether you are a beginning dream builder, or an advanced dream implementor, join us and share! We all have exciting things to learn.

They can add wisdom, experience, encouragement, support, and love to your journey. Join the dreamsbook community now.

One Last Thing: We insist you share in the highest possible way. That means  we do not support  judging or criticizing anyone’s dreams or desires in any way.  Support. Encourage. Learn. Teach. Grow. Love. Those who do otherwise, even once, will find their profile disabled.

Join the dreamsbook community now.

This dreamsbook project is dedicated to my dear friend Victoria Conley, “The Socializing Angel,” who has departed for Eternal Life.

It is my hope that the dreamsbook project will serve as her dream plan book, which she was unable to finish before she left.  


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