Mini-Course: Day 10 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thoughts - Author YOUR REALITY!

Mini-Course: Day 10 of 30 Days to Freedom from Negative Thoughts

Day 10: Are You a Thought Connoisseur? 

Have you ever gone wine tasting? Wine tasting, popular in the wine country in California, is where we take a day or afternoon off to test and taste the various wines, to learn and discover new wines, old wines…what we like and what we don ‘t like. Instead of a wine tasting day, with thought-step 10 we are going on thought-tasting adventure today!

I like to go thought tasting at least once a day-it’s an amazing transformational habit! Imagine that you own a high-end wine shop in Europe that caters to wine connoisseurs, and you are known for providing all the new and old and exciting selections in wine. You are on a buying trip and you will select the best in taste and in value for your clients and customers. Except you aren’t selecting wine, you are selecting your thoughts. You are the connoisseur of your thoughts!

Go ahead right now and taste some of the thoughts that are swirling around you. This one! No that one! That one is a little bitter. That one is too smoky. This one is light and fruity. Swirl the thought around a little in the palette of your mind. Clear your mind before accepting a new thought to try out. After a minute of so of thought tasting, select your favorite one! 

Then drink in that thought sip by sip all day long.

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Your mindscape is the field in which your dreams, goals, beliefs, and desires are planted. This mini-series is a 30-day session is designed to help you prepare, and nourish the soil of your mindscape in preparation for bringing your dreams to reality. In this mini-course we don’t recommend you take any action. We guide you to take the thought-steps that will prepare the soil of your mind for learning the life skill bringing your dreams to reality.


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