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Money No Object

Part 1:Introduction to Dream Planning

 Free Copy of Dreams to Reality!

At Author Your Dreams we believe that seeing dreams come true is not only for the “rich and famous,”  it’s for everyone. As we launch the Follow Your Dreams to Reality Project, reviews and testimonies are key, so if you commit to give this book a joyful review on, we will send you the 115 page Ditigal version of Dreams To Reality: Part 1-Introduction to Dream Planning. Or go to You Tube to access the audio/visual reading of the book by the Author, to give a joyful review there. Sign up for the Complimentary Digital Book to the right. The Digital Books will go to the next 100 people who take inspired action!

Want to Take the Do Your Dreams Now Course?

The Do Your Dreams Now Course Tuition is $397 with the Author.  Imagine being able to take your career or business or personal life to the level of your dreams? What kind of price can you put on that? Once you learn to manifest your dreams, this is a small price to pay and you will get more far more use value from this course that the cash value. However, if you fee you do not have the money to pay the course,  money is no object! Apply for the a tuition scholarship to the Santa Barbara course; or apply for a tuition scholarship for the next online course.


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